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25 Meadowbrook Lane
Stonington, CT, 06355
United States


Brambles and Bittersweet is a family owned organic farm specializing in locally grown flowers for businesses, weddings, and evocative arrangements for all engagements.  As a farm we also provide organically grown fruits and vegetables for farm-to-table restaurants. 

We are happy to work to meet all your needs, including providing flowers and arrangement training for DYI weddings, or growing specific heirloom vegetables/flowers for your restaurant or event.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

- Carol Mann

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A quirky little bouquet

Carol Mann

The hoop houses are bursting with flowers this spring. Grape hyacinth, tulips, and daffodils have come and gone. Anemones had a two month run, and ranunculus are just finishing after 6 weeks of blooming their heads off. Delphinium, fragrant stock, and sweet william are at their peak, and poppies are just now starting to bloom. The little gem that inspired this arrangement is the perennial lysimachia ‘Beaujolais’. Here, it is paired with the seed heads from a tall-growing grape hyacinth, stalks of ranunculus from which the petals have dropped, and the aged flowers of hellebore ‘Merlin’, all setting the stage for a few remaining white anemone.
— Carol Mann Brambles and Bittersweet

Emma & Tom's Wedding

Carol Mann

Emma and Tom’s stylish request for green and white flowers for their September wedding could not have appealed more. Japanese anemones, hydrangea, dahlias, and a great variety of grasses are all abundant in late summer/early fall. The other-worldly green poke weed berries provided a nice textural contrast. Emma and her mom had clearly had a great time collecting a wonderful assortment of blue pitchers of various shapes and sizes to use on the rustic tables at the reception. Purple perilla leaves were a beautiful foil for both flowers and containers and provided a pleasing contrast to the mustard-yellow of the chairs.
— Carol Mann Brambles and Bittersweet

Jane and Dan's Wedding

Michael Mann

Jane’s bouquet gave me a terrific opportunity to go a little wild, and I really appreciate the trust in my artistic vision that she demonstrated. Over the summer, she had sent me an e-mail asking if I would use flowers from her grandparent’s farm in the bridal bouquet. Of course, I was thrilled to be given carte blanche to go into someone else’s garden and cut anything I wanted.

Two days before the wedding, I met Jane’s mother at the farm and spent the late afternoon wandering the extensive formal gardens and hearing stories of the family’s relationship with the farm. This experience was coupled with the knowledge that the groom, Dan, was a chef, passionate about good food, and owner of a highly successful farm-to-table restaurant. As a consequence, Jane may be the only bride to walk down the aisle with asparagus and lima beans wired into her bouquet.
— Carol Mann Brambles and Bittersweet