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25 Meadowbrook Lane
Stonington, CT, 06355
United States


Brambles and Bittersweet is a family owned organic farm specializing in locally grown flowers for businesses, weddings, and evocative arrangements for all engagements.  As a farm we also provide organically grown fruits and vegetables for farm-to-table restaurants. 

We are happy to work to meet all your needs, including providing flowers and arrangement training for DYI weddings, or growing specific heirloom vegetables/flowers for your restaurant or event.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

- Carol Mann


Buying Local

Benefits of local farms

  • Local growers can provide flowers that do not travel well or have a short vase life, and we are always trialing new varieties. This gives us a diverse palette from which to select. 

Things to know

  • If sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint, as well as beauty and freshness, are important to you, flower choices for your event are subject to seasonal availability.
  • We will do our best to help you understand In the event of a crop failure or unseasonable weather

Picking what is fresh

  • We do not have to look far for design inspiration.  Our farm grows a wide variety of vegetables and small fruits. This allows us to select fruiting branches of various plants to provide texture and contrast in the design of our floral arrangements.
  • Our cultivated acreage is surrounded by woods and wetlands which provide a source for judiciously harvested wild materials. Flowers come into bloom in a landscape full of natural and agricultural bounty.